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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.74 pp.59-76

한국어 통사사동의 세 유형*

박 소 영

Three Types of Syntactic Causatives in Korean.

So-Young Park


Korean has three types of syntacticcausatives, which vary depending on the case marking of a causeeargument. A causee argument in Korean syntactic causative can bedative-marked, accusative-marked, or nominative-marked. This paperanalyzes that a syntactic causative with a dative-marked causee argumentcorresponds to a let-causative, whose causer argument controls an agentPRO embedded within a lower vP that expresses a caused event. Theaccusative-marked and the nominative-marked causee pattern fall intomake-causatives, whose causee argument merges as an agent argument of alower vP. A causee argument gets accusative-marked by a higher v inmatrix clause, undergoing covert raising to the Spec/vP position, or can itbe nominative-marked inside a lower vP that expresses a caused event. Theproposed analysis is supported by evidence from NPI-licensing, fromBinding, and from scope interpretations involving quantifiers and focusdelimiters.