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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.74 pp.77-92

계사의 분포와 영형계사의 의미ㆍ화용적, 통사적 특성

오 명 기

Distribution of Copulas and Semantic/Pragmatic or Syntactic Characteristics of Zero Form Copula.

Myung-Ki Oh


Languages have various ways of linking between the subject andthe predicate. In many languages, the copular verb is the principal way oflinking, though this is not the universally the case. Some appear in the formof suffixes and others in the form of words. One of the purposes of thestudy is to show the various ways of linking among languages with someexamples. Another purpose is to show that there are many instances of zero(phonologically null) copula constructions cross-linguistically. The lastpurpose is to provide syntactic, semantic and pragmatic explanation for thezero copula constructions. We will argue that the dichotomy of stage-leveland individual level predicates plays the core role for the zero copulaconstructions.