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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.74 pp.93-113

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박 인 진

Optimal Allophones Misdistributed.

Injin Park


“Support /səpɔˊ:rt/” may be pronounced as follows: [səpʰɔˊ:rt] or [spʰɔˊ:rt]. In English phonology the latter [spʰɔˊ:rt] has morephonologically critical problems than [ə] is deleted, because [pʰ] shouldn'tnormally appear after [s]. Although [pʰ] is an allophone of /p/, it evendistinguishes [spʰɔˊ:rt] “support”and [spʼɔˊ:rt] “sport”in meaning. Thisphonological inconsistency, which is not explained in rule-based phonology, isneatly explained in Optimality Theory. As Optimality Theory is aconstraint-based phonology, misdistributed allophones can be also optimalforms, because optimal forms can violate constraints, which are lower thandecisive ones in ranking, and be chosen by ranking constraints differently.