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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.74 pp.135-153

의사전달 동사 say와 tell의 연어 관계의 통사-의미 특성과 코퍼스 검증

송 지 미

Syntactic-Semantic Properties of Collocational Differences between the Communication Verbs Say and Tell and Verification Using a Corpus.

Jimi Song


The purpose of this study isto explore the different collocations in English communication verbs, such assay and tell through a corpus-based analysis. Although the verbs say and tellare synonymous, they select different DP objects such as say a prayer or tella lie. So those differences are explained in terms of collocation. In order tounderstand the difference of collocational patterns between the verbs say andtell, I attempted to verify them by reading and examining a corpus. Theanalysis should be useful in understanding collocation since it is based onempirical data. The results show that say is collocated with DPs whosesemantic properties have such specific linguistic content as anything, word,hello, hey, hi, etc. that agrees with the semantic field of say. Meanwhile, tell iscollocated with the DPs whose semantic properties have the specific linguisticcontent of facts or information like story, truth, difference, tale, etc. that agreeswith the semantic field of tell. This study shows that the semantic propertiesof nominal objects which are selected by the verb say or tell play an importantrole in understanding collocationally synonymous as well as different.