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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.74 pp.195-212

Structural Metaphor and Reverse Structural Metaphor in Political Speeches*

Su-Jin Lim, Sungchool Im
Kyungpook National University
Received: July 25, 2013 Revised version: August 31, 2013 Accepted: September 19, 2013


This paper introduces structural metaphor which is a type ofconceptual metaphor and proposes another type of conceptual metaphorcorresponding to the structural metaphor. It is called reverse structuralmetaphor since it has externally the same structure as structural metaphorbut the property of the target and source domain is reversed. The purposeof this paper is to study and compare these two types of metaphor –structural metaphor and reverse structural metaphor - with specificmetaphorical linguistic expressions found in political speeches based onconceptual metaphor theory. Especially, this paper shows that themetaphorical linguistic expressions which have not been explained by theexisting structural metaphor and therefore ignored are settled by virtue ofreverse structural metaphor. In the process, the characteristics of the reversestructural metaphor to be dealt with as an independent type of conceptualmetaphor will be provided.