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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.75 pp.1-26

Event Phrase and Voice Phrase in Perception Verb Complements*

Jeong-Shik Lee
Wonkwang University
Received: October 2, 2013, Revised version: October 28, 2013, Accepted: November 28, 2013


This paper attempts tooffer a plausible syntactic structure of the complement of the perceptionverb po- 'see' from Korean and English. The core of the proposals is that theperception verb complement is an incomplete clause, lower than TP andhigher than vP, which is syntactically realized as an Event Phrase, and thatthis EventP contains a Voice Phrase. It is also suggested that the EventPinvolves an event operator, which is then controlled by the event argumentassigned by the matrix perception verb, thereby accounting for the fact thatthe event time is simultaneous with the perception time. It will be shownthat the current proposals can well account for various syntactic and semanticproperties of the perception verb complements.