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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.75 pp.83-99

한국어의 내핵 관계절에 대한 소고*

김 용 하

A Note on Korean Internally Headed Relative Clauses.

Yong-Ha Kim


Korean has a special kind of relativeconstruction in which the head noun surfaces clause-internally. In that sense,the construction is called internally headed relative clause (IHRC or headinternal relative clause HIRC). The IHRC is peculiar in that it has the shapeof the complement clause of a factive predicate but is used as the complementof a non-factive predicate referring to its posited head. As the IHRCis not a phenomenon uniquely observed in Korean, much work has beendevoted to finding its nature in many languages, and fruitful results havebeen presented. As for Korean IHRCs in particular, our special interest is inChung’s (1996, 1999) analysis, in which IHRCs are treated as non-relativeclauses. In this paper, I try to come up with an analysis that supports thisidea but treats the construction in question in a slightly different way.