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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
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Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.76 pp.43-54

조사의 격과 투사*

김 의 수

The Features and Projections of Case Particles in Korean

Ui-Su Kim


This paper aims to investigate thegenuine features of so-called Case particles in Korean and to solve thelocality violation of subcategorization in Particle stacking. Ga and lul arebelieved to be Structural Case markers since generative grammar wasintroduced in Korean linguistics. However, it is not difficult to find theirnon-Case use. Even if I adopt the assumption that they can be categorizedas D like delimiter nun, I think their genuine features should be defined notin terms of Case preference but in terms of Case rejection. On the otherhand, the locality violation of selection and subcategorization in Particlestacking is inevitable in the traditional syntactic structures built by theasymmetric projection. I solve this problem by replacing asymmetricprojection with symmetric projection proposed in my previous study toParticle stacking structures.