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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.96 pp.235-251

Discriminant Analysis of Satisfaction Levels with Native Speaker Instructors Held by Elementary School Pre-service Teachers of English

Youngcheol Kim and Jaewoo Shim


The current study investigated the levels of satisfaction with native speaker teachers of English that were perceived by a group of elementary school pre-service teachers of English in a teachers college. 79 subjects responded to a Likert-type questionnaire with 15 items aimed to assess their satisfaction with their current and former native speaker teachers on their campus. The questionnaire measured the four aspects of teaching: the ability to teach, the ability to offer learning opportunities, the ability to manage and create friendly classroom climate, and the ability to assess their performance. The discriminant analysis was used to identify aspects that separated satisfied from unsatisfied groups of students. The results of the discriminant analysis showed that two independent variables (i.e., the native speaker teachers’ ability to offer learning opportunities and their ability to teach) were statistically significant variables in separating the two groups. These findings indicated that native speaker teachers of English need to make efforts to design lessons that may prompt active student participation, while keeping high levels of teaching ability congruent with students’ expectations.

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