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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.96 pp.213-233

Analysis of Oral Reading through Retrospective Miscue in EFL University Students’ L1 and L2 Reading

Boon-Joo Park
Daegu Catholic University


Readers tend to make errors or mistakes regarding grammar, meaning, or pronunciation through the interaction between readers and text during the reading process. However, those errors or mistakes need to be considered as positive aspects as, miscues, Ken Goodman (1977) coined instead of mistakes. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of miscue analysis for developing students’ reading strategy during the reading process both in Korean and in English. Sixteen university students who are learning English as a second language participated. The results showed a very significant difference of the miscue aspects between L1 reading and L2 reading. The participants tend to focus more on semantic cues during L1 reading than the process during the L2 reading whereas they tend to use more graphic and syntactic cues.