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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.96 pp.109-127

Sensitivity to D-linking Effects in Island Construction Processing by Korean Speakers

Sungsoo Ok and Soo-Yeon Kim


Questioning across-the-board effects of islands and D-linking in wh-interrogative construction, this study presents the results of two acceptability judgement experiments where judgements of Korean native speakers for Korean wh-interrogative constructions and for English wh-interrogative constructions are provided and compared. With respect to Korean wh-questions, native Korean speakers show different acceptability patterns depending on whether wh-phrases move overtly or not. When they are scrambled, presence of islands and the D-linking feature of wh-phrase affect acceptability in Korean as if they do in English: the former degrades the acceptability while there is an increase in acceptability status in the latter. As for in-situ cases, however, D-linking rather downgrades the acceptability of the sentences. In the second experiment on English wh-questions with Korean EFL learners, there are statistically significant, but comparatively marginal, effects of island constructions and D-linking on whinterrogative judgements. These results indicate that island effects and D-linking effects are not ubiquitous with the same degree but that they do vary depending on the language type, overtness of movement, and whether the tested language is L1 or L2.

한국어 화자의 섬 구조 언어처리에서 나타나는 담화연결 효과에 관한 연구

옥성수, 김수연**