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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.99 pp.143-160

A Study on Binding Conditions of Reflexives and Pronouns in the ICE-GB Corpus

Ji-Hye Kim,Yong-hun Lee,Dal Eun Kim


Present study investigates whether the syntactic constraints of English reflexives and pronouns originally proposed in Standard Binding Theory (SBT; Chomsky 1980, 1981, 1986) are well-reflected in written corpus data in British English by using the ICE-GB corpus. Four linguistic factors including structural relations between the reflexives/pronouns and their antecedents were used to analyze 1,000 sentences (400 reflexives and 600 pronouns) extracted from the ICE-GB corpus. The results demonstrated the following: i) The linguistic factors related to binding conditions showed structural differences between reflexives and pronouns in English; ii) English reflexives showed more cases of discourse binding (i.e., binding outside the sentential boundary) than the original expectation of SBT; iii) With the domain of sentential binding, structural constraints such as c-commanding and binding domain (Governing Category: SSC and TSC) were nearly violated with reflexives.

ICE-GB 코퍼스에 나타난 재귀사와 대명사의 결속조건 연구

* 김지혜(주저자, 교신저자, 한국교원대학교 교수), 이용훈(주저자, 충남대학교 강사), 김달은(한국교원대학교 대학원 학생)