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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.101 pp.41-64

The Syntactic Interpretation of Wh-Phrases in North Gyeongsang Korean and Changes in the Prosodic Structure

Weonhee Yun,Sunwoo Park,Hong-Joon Um,Ki-tae Kim,Yong-Ha Kim


Morphosyntactic and prosodic information is accessed by native speakers of North Gyeongsang Korean when interrogatives are interpreted. The present study investigates the interface between these structures. To do so, the study analyzes the syntactic and prosodic structures of the dialect’s yes/no and wh-questions, and then examines the rate of comprehension and acceptance of the two types of the interrogatives in a perception test. The prosodic structures in the test are modified by transplantation, the results of which allow us to find out the following. First, presented with the interrogatives whose syntactic and prosodic structures did not match, the native subjects of Gyeongsang Korean relied more on the prosodic structures than on the syntactic ones. Second, changes in prosodic structures had a strong influence on simple sentences, but relatively less so on complex sentences. These results lead to the conclusion that prosodic structures are the decisive factor in syntactic interpretations, and, accordingly, are intricately intertwined with the syntactic structures during the processing of interrogatives.

한국어 경북방언 의문문의 통사구조와 운율구조의 관계에 대하여

* 윤원희(제1저자, 계명대 교수); 박선우(교신저자, 계명대 교수); 엄홍준ㆍ김기태(계명대 교수); 김용하(안동대 교수)