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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.101 pp.65-89

A Note on Merge and Labeling Algorithm

Soonhyuck Park


The approach to the study of language has recently changed in a way to accommodate the findings from its neighboring research fields. Evidence from evolutionary anthropology, genetics and biology has the FL restricted to recursion only, leaving all other mechanisms to the conditions on interfaces. Given that Merge is the most fundamental operation of FL, the labeling has been the target of research on the syntactic objects created by Merge. LA is an algorithm that searches the head property in the minimal domain and names it as a label. LA is part of Transfer and becomes complete at interfaces. This paper re-examines the algorithm of labeling in Chomsky (2013, 2015) to see how it works with the facts provided from areas other than linguistics. It also pursues the possibility that LA can derive coordination, double object constructions, and particle constructions. F-sharing is considered to be subject to parameterization in the minimalist frame though its role is not clear at interfaces except externalization.

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