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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.102 pp.271-292

A Study on the Usage of ‘Adverb+Verb’ Collocation in English with the L2 Korean Students’ Academic Writings

Hyojin Chung,Myung-ki Oh
*익명의 심사자 분들께 감사드리며, 논문에 나타난 오류나 부족한 점은 연구자의 책임임 을 밝혀둔다.
**정효진(주저자, 동국대학교 교수); 오명기(교신저자, 강원대학교 교수)


This study has focused on the two factors. The first things has investigated the way the Korean L2 learners apply the pattern of ‘adverb+ verb collocation’ in English to their ‘opinion paragraph writing’ on the topic sentences, with the focus on two factors: meta-discourse perspective on the genre of paragraphs and the writers’ strategies for selecting particular collocation types. Second element with the findings of the first step has suggested the effective writing methods for the Korean L2 learners. From 15th October to 2nd November, 2018, the researchers had examined the L2 learners’ topic sentences shown as in the their first drafts, to identify the attitude (I agree), engagement (consider) markers or self-mentions (I, We) and boosters (completely, fully, strongly, etc.) in meta-discourse resources which were founded on the types of essays. We had proposed that the learners would produce proper English ‘adverb+verb’ collocations based on the semantic features for verbs and adverbs in English and Korean with the feedback comments. Secondly, the researchers had reanalyzed the learners’ final products which have been focused on the learners’ self-correction for the deviant English-Korean collocations or non-collocation in English. The researchers had found out some pedagogical implications which had suggested for learning the suitable English collocation usage based on the findings of the study. The major thing has shown that the learners would depend on the meta-discourse resources in the process of accepting the academic writing styles or genre. Another implication of the findings is that the new insights into the development of L2 ‘adverb+verb’ collocational competence should be based on the nature of teaching methods that stress input-based or refrain from explicit vocabulary teaching.

한국 L2 학습자의 영어 찬반논술 글쓰기에 나타난 ‘부사+동사’ 연어 사용 분석

*익명의 심사자 분들께 감사드리며, 논문에 나타난 오류나 부족한 점은 연구자의 책임임 을 밝혀둔다.
**정효진(주저자, 동국대학교 교수); 오명기(교신저자, 강원대학교 교수)