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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.103 pp.1-18

Quantifier-Float or Pied-Piping?

Gwangrak Son**
* Thanks are due to Shigeru Miyagawa and Norvin Richards who inspired me to look at this interesting phenomenon of quantifier floating in Korean and Japanese. Thanks also go to two anonymous reviewers of the Society of Modern Grammar.
** Professor, Kyungpook National University.


Based on the well-known but less studied patterns of quantifier structures in Korean, this article claims that floating quantifier constructions and their non-floating counterparts are underlyingly distinct and that the bifurcation follows from Chomsky’s (1995) economy principle of derivations. This analysis of quantifiers has important consequences for several issues and phenomena, including scope facts, presence or absence of floating numeral quantifiers across languages, and pronominal alternations in English. It also has theoretical implications of eliminating the concept of pied-piping from grammar, a desirable result under the minimalist tenet of economy.