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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.103 pp.77-106

A Corpus Study of the English Adjectival Synonyms distant and remote

Yeonchang Jung,Eunil Kim
* 이 과제는 부산대학교 기본연구지원사업(2년)에 의하여 연구되었음.
** 정연창(제1저자, 부산대 교수); 김은일(교신저자, 부경대 교수)


The main purpose of this paper is to study the differences in use between the English adjectival synonyms distant and remote through COCA(The Corpus of Contemporary American English), and to assess Korean college students’ understanding of distant/remote+noun combinations. The major findings of the paper are summarized as follows. First, The adjective distant is mostly used with space/place nouns, while remote is mainly used with information/communication/ computer-related or abstract nouns. Second, according to nouns which they occur together with, the two adjectives sometimes have (almost) the same meaning (e.g. distant/remote island), and sometimes a considerably different meaning (e.g. distant/remote office). Third, the same noun is sometimes used in different meanings (e.g. distant/remote connection), depending on whether it is used with which one of the two adjectives. Fourth, the overall average score of the subjects was as low as 45.2%, and the average score by type was 62.6%(remote+noun), 56.6%(distant+noun), and 16.4% (distant-remote+noun).

영어 형용사 유의어 ‘distant’와 ‘remote’에 대한 코퍼스 연구

* 이 과제는 부산대학교 기본연구지원사업(2년)에 의하여 연구되었음.
** 정연창(제1저자, 부산대 교수); 김은일(교신저자, 부경대 교수)