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ISSN : 1226-3206(Print)
Studies in Modern Grammar Vol.104 pp.31-57

Remarks on the Coordinate Structure Constraint in Right Node Raising

Bum-Sik Park, Sei-Rang Oh**
** Park (First author, Professor, Dongguk University-Seoul); Oh (Corresponding author, Professor, Gyeongsang National University)


Bum-Sik Park and Sei-Rang Oh. 2019. Remarks on the Coordinate Structure Constraint in Right Node Raising. Studies in Modern Grammar 104, 31-57. This paper investigates how the Second Part of Coordinate Structure Constraint (CSC) behaves in Right Node Raising (RNR) in Korean. We first show that constructing relevant data is evasive due to some confounding factors, and then demonstrate that when the factors are controlled for, RNR exhibits the CSC effect. We argue that it is readily captured by the ellipsis analysis, with the consequence that a violation of CSC is not repairable by ellipsis (Merchant 2001). However, in so doing, we present a puzzle that partly favors the multidominance analysis (Wilder 1999, Citko 2005). To resolve the puzzle, we suggest that the domain of the application of multidominance is restricted to (extractable) maximal constituents. This accounts for why in the context where multidominance is not permitted and ellipsis induces a violation of the CSC, the CSC effect invariably emerges.